It's been a long time coming, and I'm sure no one really cares at this point since Pinochan has been effectively dormant for years now anyway, but Pinochan is now officially closed. I just no longer have the time, energy, or inclination to revive it these days.

The most successful project hosted here was the Overbooru, a final (and now doubtless outdated) index of which can be found here. Many years ago, when the site was still young and boorus were still a new thing, I wrote a little history of boorus which is now probably also severely outdated but might still be of interest to a curious internet historian; I've preserved it here.

If anyone feels like starting a new Overbooru, let me know and I'll happily plug it here.

Special thanks to Tjk and Zshall who both gave their much-appreciated time and energy to the Overbooru, and thanks to everyone who emailed me down the years with kind words of support; I was always far too negligent in replying, but they meant a lot to my small corner of the internet.

So long, friends and travellers. Maybe we'll meet again somewhere else.

-- Nidas